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Want to login your Payroll Account to check your payroll status? Here you can go with just one click, you can check here for timeplus payroll login pages and visit them with just one click.

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PrimePay CS. At PrimePay, we are proud of the way we do business. It is our utmost priority to provide stable, secure, high-quality service to you.

PBT - ERP Software Solutions Specialists & IT Services

Agriculture Machinery Dealer in the Yorke Peninsula in SA. We have been use the Sybiz Product (Payroll & Accounting) for a number of years. We had to move to Sybiz Vision from Classic, due to the large number of Inventory lines, and PBT help us with that. We also run 7 computers via a server network and 3 laptops out in the field which PBT support.

Microsoft Licensing Options Explained (in Simple Terms ...

Anyone in our industry can tell you Microsoft Licensing is just not simple. We aren’t afraid to admit that even we get confused sometimes. Then, then there are those (maybe not so urban myths) of two different people from Microsoft giving two different answers to the same licensing question.

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