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Canadian Payroll Legislation : CPP & EI Deductions | Payworks

Employment Insurance (EI) - Non-Québec Employee: Annual Maximum Insurable Earnings: $56,300.00: $60,300.00: Employee Contribution Rate: 1.58%: 1.58%: Employer ...

EI Premium Rates And Maximums - Canada.ca

Payroll; employment-insurance-ei; EI premium rates and maximums. Current and previous rates and maximum insurable earnings to calculate the amount of employment insurance (EI) to deduct from your employees. Federal EI premium rates and maximums; Quebec EI premium rates and maximums; Federal EI premium rates and maximums; Year Maximum annual insurable …

EI Overpayment And Recovering EI Premiums - Canada.ca

Payroll; employment-insurance-ei; EI overpayment and recovering EI premiums. See EI overpayment if you have overdeducted your employees' employment insurance (EI) premiums and Recovering EI premiums if you have underdeducted your employees' EI premiums. EI overpayment. If, during a year, you over deducted EI premiums from your employee (for …

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Quebec's 2022 Payroll Deduction Table Now Available! | CFIB

Employment Insurance Reduced rate for Quebec. Maximum insurable earnings: $60,300 Maximum employee premium: $723.60 Maximum employer premium: $1,013.04. Employee: 1,20% Employer: 1,68% (1,4 x 1,20%) Some employees related to the employer may be exempt from paying Employment Insurance – Read our article to learn more.

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